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Friends Only

Thanks to missi_mariefor the lovely banner. Comment letting me know where I know you from/how you found me and I'll probably add you.

Mistakes - TSCC

And here is *another* drabble series. *bows head in shame* I've actually FINISHED this one though. And it goes together, as in one relates to the next and there is continuity. This one is for the LJ community 10_hurt_comfortwho are amazingly nifty. Below is the table that I am required to link to, so I will do that for the purposes of the community instead of posting them individually here. I'm going to spread out the posting on ff.net so they'll all be up eventually.

`Title: Mistakes

Fandom: TSCC

Rating: M

Warning: Language, violence, some suggestiveness and adult themes. (No blatant sex though, for once on an M-rated story of mine. )

Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort

Pairing: John/Allison

Spoilers: Somewhat for season 2

Summary: In war you make sacrifices and you always save yourself, no matter who or what will be destroyed in the process.

A/N - Not compliant with the season 2 finale.

Save Me.Desperation.Betrayed.Lonely.Regret.

I'm Fine - TSCC

I have added 9 chapters since the posting of the table, therefore I have re-dated this so it would be closer to the top. *_*

Title: I'm Fine
Fandom: TSCC
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairing: John/Cam. Sarah/Derek.
Spoilers: For Seasons 1 & 2.
Summary: A series of mostly unconnected drabbles and short pieces.
Note - There may be more or less than 50 - it's just what the table went up to.

01.First Kill.02.Need.03.Mine.04.Love.05.Comfort.
11.Birthday Cake.12.Trees.13.Heart.14.Failed.15.Failure.

Devious Journal Entry

by ~dvzombies on deviantART

Aww it's Le Fiance's First Oil Painting of Doom and Wonderment! Isn't it cute??

Title:: Eraser Shavings - A Story in Four Voices
Rating: T
Genre: Angst

Pairing: None.
I stand in the doorway, watching my daughter go through dozens of erasers and I bring her more, knowing that none of it will help.
Note: Written for a contest on The Muse Bunny.
Word Count: 2,102


Story!Collapse )

Friends Only


Thanks to tin_miss_icons</lj> for the lovely friends only banner!




day 11

Not a damn thing. Not one word. Not one letter. Not even one good idea.


day 9

Will there ever be a post that isnt nano? Yes. In December.

Well day 9 was pretty good, though I’ve discovered that by midnight tonight to be on par I must have 16,670 words. This means I need to do 2,816 today. Go fingers and brain go!





Word Count - 1,454


Total Word Count: 13,854


Goal? -213


Day 8

Day 8 was much more productive than days previous, but still not my best.

Day 8

Word Count - 1663

Total Word Count - 12,400

Goal? -4


day 7

Day 7

Word count: 728

Total Word Count: 10,737

Goal? - Nooo clue.